Mother’s Day

This year I was planning to head home for the weekend before May 10 to celebrate Mother’s Day early with my mum and my family. However, because of COVID 19, self-isolation, border and country closures, I find myself unable to go home as planned.

So instead I find myself sitting here with a cuppa thinking about Mother’s Day. Aren’t mother’s amazing… yes, they truly are amazing! I am in awe of all the mother’s I know, I bump into mother’s with every step, in every circle of life and I just think they are absolutely incredible. Mother’s are the best juggler’s, they know how to keep all the balls in the air and keep them all moving! Have you ever met a mother who is not thinking about a million things at once….how little Billie is going at school, how do I home school these kids suddenly, what is he doing now, what to have for dinner, who is picking the kids up from school, oh if only they were at school, how are we going to manage to get the money to fix the car, wouldn’t Ivy look cute in that outfit, I need to pick up the birthday gift for Billie’s friends birthday in the weekend, oh, if only I could go to the toilet on my own and get a moment’s peace! It reminds me of a fun quote, “Mothers are like buttons. They hold everything together.” — unknown.

Mums are just wonderful! There is nothing like a mother’s love, nothing at all. Every mum I meet is full of such beautiful strength, tenderness and love, it comes in different measures but it enables each and every amazing mother, to be there to laugh, cry, share, play, sacrifice, protect, teach, think, love, care, hug, build up and dance and be themselves in their own unique and individual ways with their children. I love how pride bursts through at any moment and the next moment intense frustration! There may be tears of joy, of fear, of how to manage and what to do, interspersed with bursts of joy and laughter. Mum’s are amazing!

My darling mother, she goes by various names: Mum, Mom, Mama Bear, Nana, plus other beautiful names. She is a woman like no other and I love her so very deeply. I am so blessed by her, how she loves with her entire being, so selflessly and so generously. She has taught each of us to love, to be generous, kind, thoughtful, to think of others before ourselves, to name just a few qualities she has taught us and modelled. The list could go on and on, but overall she loves each of her children and grandchildren with an immense and powerful love, she is constantly thinking and praying for each of us, seeking our best each and every day. Her happiest moments, I am sure, are when the whole family is gathered together in one place, eating, laughing and just being together – with a cup of tea in hand, naturally!

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day to take time to celebrate our mum’s and be grateful for all they do for us. I would also like to spend some time recognising those of you who find Mother’s Day difficult and challenging, for it is a day that can evoke intense emotion. I think of all the women who long to be mothers and for various reasons aren’t or can’t be and the pain this brings. New mother’s who are being inducted quickly into motherhood and feel overwhelmed, uncertain and desperate to be the best mother they can be. Mother’s whose babies are in the neonatal intensive care units or special care nurseries and their babies seem to spend more time with the doctors and nurses or in isolettes instead of being in their arms, on their chest, heart to heart, and being a mum looks different now from what they had dreamt and imagined. Mother’s who will forever carry immense love and sorrow wrapped around their heart. I think of those mothers who are suffering from pain and disease and are not who they used to be, and mother/child roles seem to be reversing. Those of you whose mother’s are no longer with us and this day is a day of pain and sorrow, mother’s day can be a real challenge. While Mother’s Day is a beautiful day to take time to say thank you and I love you, it can also be an extremely tough and emotional day. Know that you are thought of, you matter, you are loved and you are cherished. I urge you to be brave and vulnerable, to reach out to someone – your bestie, your friend or me! –  let someone know so they can walk with you and share your pain a little on this day. Let’s be there for each other and support each other as women on this many-storied journey.

This year, Mother’s Day looks a little different. Maybe it will bring with it love in its simplicity and beauty. Essentially, we want to honour motherhood and let our mums know how much we love them. So let’s celebrate mums in whatever way we can…. bring some simple joy this Mother’s Day, call your mum and chat, send flowers, share a meal, write a letter, take photos, share old photos, Zoom each other, have a cuppa, laugh, dance, go for a drive, watch a movie, tell a story, a joke, but most of all, tell her how much you love her.

All I want to do is give my mum a big hug, let her know I love her and think she is amazing, and share a cuppa with her in her beautiful garden. While I can’t be with her this year, I made these rose biscuits from my Posy of Roses Tea and am steeping some tea to go with them while I  think of my wonderful mum and send her lots of love. 

Please share your Mother’s Day stories and photos – I would love to see how you celebrated your Mum this 2020! 

Mother’s Day Posy of Roses Tea and biscuits

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  1. Lou on June 20, 2020 at 2:50 pm

    You are very much like your mother – but you get the title of best Aunty in the world – to so many children. Ours love you deeply, they love their chats with you, the encouragement you give and the way you cheer them on. And their mother loves you too – I still remember when I was unwell on the birthday eve of one of our girls and you turned up the next day (after staying up late to bake a cake! and then driving a long way to come to us) to make sure a happy birthday was had. You, my friend, are wonderful. Thank you for honouring mothers on mothers day. Today I honour you – my tea loving, generous, fun, kind, compassionate, servant hearted (did I mention tea loving?) friend. I will enjoy a cuppa thinking lovely thoughts of you…. Lxx

    • Julie on July 5, 2021 at 1:25 pm

      Oh Lou, thank you so much. Thank you so much for your kind, thoughtful and beautiful words. You are so precious! This means the world to me xx

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