About Me + the tea

My Story/About me

Far away down memory lane, Mum and my aunties all gathered with Grandma around her beautifully worn old wooden table, sipping tea from her old china tea cups as they chatted and laughed, sharing life together. And there was me - tucked up close on Grandma’s knee. Her face would light up with her secret smile as she poured a little of her magical tea into a saucer for me. She would bring it up to my lips or I would carefully wrap my little hands around the saucer and savour every mouthful. This warmth and joy is the source of my love for tea and how it brings people together. These memories are so precious to me! Love, laughter, and being together are all centered around a beautiful amber cup of tea. 

For me, tea has always been a symbol of love, laughter, kindness, honesty, enjoyment, a way to bring people together in connectedness and joy. I absolutely love that tea draws people together to share life: the joys, the heartaches and all the moments in between. It’s about making memories and going deeper with each other or just taking time out to breathe and simply be.

It has long been my dream to open the most perfect little teahouse, talking and dreaming about this with friends and family for many years. More recently I refined this dream to create a small tea business, supporting small scale tea farmers and communities through fair wages and bringing aesthetically beautiful, delicious organic tea to you. With great delight I connected with this amazing, organic, fair trade, ethically sourced tea wholesaler, sampling and sipping my way through a generous selection of their teas. Choosing the ones that I loved, I was determined to bring you only the best of their delicious teas, the teas I was smitten by.

So, starting in a small way with eleven types of tea, you’ll find a variety of black and herbal teas for your pleasure. One day I would like to bring you more teas from diverse locations and eventually blend some myself - all steps on the journey to Opening Day at my little tea house! For now, I really hope you enjoy this tea as much as I do, and that it brings a little kindness, joy and wonder to your day.

Julie xx

About The Tea

Let’s Steep Tea is sourced from various corners of North East India. It is harvested by small organic tea growers who are working together to promote sustainability and growth in their rural communities. Every artisan tea farmer follows authentic processes to ensure their tea is grown to strict ethical and organic standards to provide the highest quality tea, whilst contributing to the broader goal of sustainable farming and supporting their community.

Every purchase of my tea helps these artisan tea farmers employ workers at fair wages, lifting their living standards and bringing economic growth to the rural communities of North East India. In a small way we can impact the lives of others.

So, take the time to steep a pot of tea… choose the perfect tea for the moment ... gather your favourite teapot and teacups and create a space which invites love and laughter and the opening and sharing of hearts together. A space to engage in the realness aroma of life!